Four Simple Things the Next Generation is Asking from an Adult

When you were 16 years old up do you remember the people who influenced your life? Just like you, there are many teenagers who need to know someone actually cares about them. As adults, the problem is that we often feel as if we don’t really have anything to give to them and if we do we do not believe they will accept what we have to give. Well, I want to tell you what I have learned in my experience when it comes to making an impact in a teenager’s life.

There are four very simple things the next generation is asking from an adult:
• Do you really love me?
• Are you really real?
• Can I trust you?
• Does your philosophy of life really work?

So, if you want to impact a teenager, ask yourself these questions
• Do I really love young people?
• When a teenager looks at me do they see someone who is real?
• Am I a person who can who can be trusted?
• Is my philosophy of life really working for me?

There are many philosophies in the world, but when a young person looks at your life, do they see a person who has built their life on Godly principles? Jesus tells a very simple, yet profound story about two builders. They both built houses; the difference was the foundation they built on. Jesus says one man used sand and the other built his house on the solid foundation of a rock. What are you building on and how is that working for you?

This generation needs you! They are looking to people who can answer those four simple questions they are asking. Be one of those adults who really care, who really are real, who can be trusted, and whose philosophy of life really does work. You can impact the life of a teenager, and it can last a lifetime.