What a Week!

What a week! After 67 games, the NCAA’s big dance and the Road to Atlanta is history. Last night, Louisville was crowned the 2013 NCAA Champions. Now, this week will end on Sunday with someone putting on a green jacket at the Master’s in Augusta, GA.  Then, for the many golfers in MN, we wait in expectation of 6 inches of snow that will further cause the beginning of the 2013 golf season to be delayed another week. We will not be playing, but we will be watching.
It is Master’s week! Just like many of you, I love the Master’s Tournament. I am not sure if there is anything like “Amen Corner” in golf. And on Sunday, there always seems to be a lot of excitement, anticipation and drama as the leaders line up for that second shot into the par 5, and the possibility of an eagle putt. Yes…I cannot wait for this weekend in April. I may get a little more excited than most 😉

Who do you think is going to win the 2013 Masters and be putting on the green jacket on Sunday? My guess is Rory.


What Kind of a Person Are You?

t does not matter if you are young and old; it has been said that there are three different kinds of people:

  1. People who make things happen
  2. People who watch what is happening
  3. People who wonder what is happening

Many times when it comes to making things happen, we have our expectations of who can make it happen. I believe that our world is seeing a major turn in our expectations. Have you ever looked at your world and said, “I sure wish we would have had that technology when I was younger?” I have! I like to think of myself as being aggressive and a very progressive leader. I used to be the young man, but now that I am older, it is my desire to use my experience and wisdom to lead a generation of young leaders; leaders who have the technology, passion and vision to change their world.

God has placed me with a group of a couple hundred young leaders who are not satisfied to just wait for things to happen. They are out aggressively making things happen. My glimpse into this young world gives me hope for the future because these leaders are on a mission, in community, with a plan to let God use them to see lives changed for the cause of Christ!  Stay tuned I believe the church is going to hear more and more about a movement led by students, which is creating a new paradigm in youth ministry. Check it out at www.campusmovement.org, remember these are students who, with God’s help, have decided to make something happen.

Friends, if you are going to be a world changer for Christ, it starts by letting Christ be the change agent in your life. So, the question is…What kind of person are you or do you want to be?