Leadership is All About Influence


“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”

This is a very interesting quote. Throughout all of my life I have studied and learned about leadership. Taking the principles that have have learned and applying them as I have invested in others by adding value to to leaders who lead others. 

 “Leadership is influence: Nothing more and nothing less.” John C. Maxwell

Simply put, leaders influence others and great leaders do more than just inspire people to follow the leader them, but inspire others to have confidence in themselves to be the best they can be. When that happens everyone wins.

When I was a young leader myself, I came across this quote that really shaped how I would lead as a leader. In my desire becoming the best I could be and be a great leader, I put this on my refrigerator door and everyday I would read…

“A great leader will allow others to go further than they can go themselves”.

A great leader knows how to challenge, encourage, and instill confidence in people to dream bigger dreams and accomplish even greater things than they ever thought possible. In other words, a great leader will allow others to go further than they ever thought possible, even bigger than the person that who inspires them to dream and that is ok with the person who inspires their dream.

Do you have someone in your life that is challenging or coaching you to shoot for the moon? Over the course of my life, I have personally had people who invested in me and challenged me to think big. Is there someone in your life or on your team you are mentoring, leading, and challenging them to dream bigger and accomplish greater things? Who knows you just might be investing in a world changer!

So here is a question for you.

What is your dream, your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)? But too, who in your life is going to help you accomplish your dream to be a better you, so you can be a better we (part of a team).

When you become the best you can be (Be Great at You), you will have the confidence to be a better at we. Whether you are the boss, employer, employee or part of a team. Your investment in you will make you a much better teammate as you push toward the goals the team sets.

I believe there is one key to accomplishing great things. It is simply the confidence that you can and are becoming the best you possibly can be. You might want to check out Ephesians 3:20.

What do you think is the KEY to being a great leader?