Sometimes We All Need A Nudge


Have you ever needed a nudge, a push, or even a swift “kick in the pants” to get you going in the right or a different direction? There are times in life when you just cannot stay in the same spot, there needs to be a change or you need move to a different position. That different place might be in your skills development, thinking or a situation in life. These nudges can from in different ways, from different people, at different, times, in different circumstances or twists and turns that are happening in your life.

But there are times when you just might be stuck. There is something that is holding your back from moving forward in your life or in your career. It might be you are experience fear, or you you don’t want to move because where you are you are comfortable. Whatever you situation in life sometimes you need that someone in life, a friend,  co-worker, or a boss to give you a little nudge.

We all respond differently to the nudge. But it will cause you to react. You will either push back or push forward. But when you get the pushed there will be a reaction. But honestly, it just might be what you actually needed to get your to change you thinking, mindset, or position to make you succeed.

I remember playing basketball and our coach had introduced a new zone defense to our team. He called out the players that he wanted to go to different position on the court. The first string players were moved to where the coach wanted them to be when the ball was at the top of the circle. Then he told the second string team to play offense and to pass the ball around the parameter of the (3 point) circle.

When the ball was passed around the parameter by the offensive team the defensive team would react by moving to the position the coach wanted them to be in to defend in that zone defense. As we learned this new defense the coach wanted to have in our game planning, there were times when players did not get to the spot they were suppose to be when the offense passed the ball.

You may have experienced this in your athletic career. After practicing and walking through this defense and our coach telling us where he wanted us, it was time to go live. So the ball was being passed by the offense and I was on the first string playing defense. The ball was passed and I was out of position. The coach blew his whistle and said something like, “Buschow, when the ball is here, I want you in this position”. But as he was saying this to me, he did more than just say it. It physically came over and did more than “nudge” me he took and pushed me into the right position. When he did it, “with a forceful nudge” it put me in a better spot to defend and our team to all be in the right spot to succeed.

Well maybe it is not on a basketball court or in sports, but there just might be a time, or even times in your life when you needed either a gentle nudge to move you from where you are to where needed to go. That little nudge might have even be a little more forceful, it might feel like a “kick in the pants” from that boss, a friend or someone that just cares. Nevertheless, the purpose is to get you to get you to move, change, or get into a better position to succeed.

Maybe your stuck or having a difficult time getting started doing something or making a change. It could be that your life has taken some downturns and you are not in a good position, either mentally or emotional at this time. For you it could possibly be a failed marriage, a broken relationship or problem with a friend. That position or change that need to happen, maybe in you job or career path. You just might need an nudge to make that adjustment in mindset or processes that results a change so that you can win the business deal or succeed in your life.

Whatever it is, you just maybe you need a little nudge. So when the push comes, how will you react? Will you resist or embrace the fact that someone wrote something (like this blog), or said something to you over a cup of coffee or in the bosses office? Just remember it just might be all part of helping you to move into a better position so you can win or succeed.

Are you currently in a position that you need a “nudge” or maybe a “push” to get you going in a new direction or thinking differently? If so, who

Do you remember a time when you needed a nudge, or a “kick in the pants” to move?