Will You Be the ONE?

We Can Do This!

We are now almost two weeks past the “big event at U.S. Bank Stadium. Together, youth pastors, youth workers, and youth ministries can all build on the momentum of #PulseTwinCities. Those of us committed to reaching and mentoring the next generation need to “Carpe Diem” this historic opportunity.

Memorial Day for this year is history and summer has started. We are in the middle of the graduation parties season and getting ready for our summer activities: camps, conferences, and mission trips.

You are probably not thinking a lot about your fall strategy, networking with with other youth workers in your community, SYATP, Dare2Share Live, Campus Impact Training or the potential of My Stories or Youth Alive outreach to to schools.

Just think about the impact we could have with 750 churches, youth pastors, youth ministry leadership teams, students, and people in these churches prayer on the 180 Twin Cities High Schools, plus middle and junior high schools in the Greater Twin Cities!

Why does any of this even matter? Because We Care about the Next Generation!

What is your plan to “Seize the Moment” in your church and youth ministry to reach and mentor the next generation?

  • What can you do in your church and youth ministry to build on the momentum of the “Big Event”?
  • How can you have informal and intentional conversations with students on mission trips, at camps, conferences, or just hanging out about living on mission and uniting with other Christian students at their school this fall?
  • How can you continue to challenge and engage people (parents, grandparents, school staffers, concerned adults) in your church to pray for, pour into students, and provided needed resources for the ministry?
  • How can you continue to keep you pastor or senior leadership focused on the mission to reach and mentor the next generation?

Why does any of this even matter? Because We Care about the Next Generation

What does it take to execute the “NEXT” Plan?
  • One Youth Worker in a every to connect with youth workers in their community
    • Invite youth workers from partnering churches in your community to a meeting at your church or coffee shop in your city.
      • Talk about having a common vision to reach and mentor youth in your city.
      • Talk about your strategy for students in your youth ministries to impact the schools and your community.
      • Take action, together to work your plan to reach youth for Christ in your community.
  • One Student at school to unite students at their school
  • One Prayer for a school and/or youth ministry who will ask others in their circles to for a schools and/or their church’s ministry to youth.
  • One Senior or Lead Pastor who will ask people  to continue to invest in the reaching the Next Generation.
Youth Worker will you be the ONE?
Student Leader will you be the ONE?
Concerned Adult will you be the ONE?
Senior or Lead Pastor will you be the ONE?

We Have Entered a New Season “NEXT!”

IMG_1807 2

The Pulse Twin Cities Event at U.S. Bank Stadium is now history.

It was an exciting night as 40,000 people gathered to hear artist sing and share Jesus. Live interviews and videos from Minnesota Twins and Vikings players, and Olympic athlete. A Guinness World Record was set for the largest pillow fight and after a one-minute nap as Mike Lindell, the creator of “My Pillow” prayed that these 50,000 pillows would be prayer pillows. Then Nick Hall presented the challenge and 7,000 people responded to this challenge of faith and a reset in having a relationship with Jesus.

The Church of the Twin Cities came together pray for this event. 10,000’s of people in this season of evangelism used “Key 5 Cards” to pray for and invite their friends. 1,000’s of people were trained to share Jesus through the “Movement Training” and over 40,000 came to U.S. Bank Stadium for this special night.

But now the event is over and we are on to “Next”. We have entered a new season. There are will be thousands of conversations that will lead to talking about faith. Because of the vision, meetings, planning and now the execution of this stadium event we have entered the new season of “Next”.

IMG_1785 3

So here are some questions that we are going to answer.

  • How can God use this event for “More”!
  • What can and will “Next” look like in your city? Communities? Schools?
  • What can happen when 750 churches have a common vision to reach the next generation after the event?
    • 750 Youth Workers
    • 750 Youth Ministries
    • 750 Youth Ministry Leadership Teams
    • 750 churches with students attending 180 high schools in the Greater Twin Cities.

Church of the Twin Cities! Senior Leaders, youth leaders, moms, dads, school staffers, and concerned adults.

  • Next has begun and students from 750 churches are having conversations about the event.
  • Next will continuing as 10,000’s of students will go to summer camps, take a mission trips, hangout with their youth group and their friends.
  • Next will be fueled as these students begin a the 2018-19 school year, fueled by their experience of the “U.S. Bank Event” and their summer activities, with a desire to take this life-changing message of knowing Jesus to their friends, school, and world.

What can you do?

  • Pray
  • Pour into a young person
  • Provide resources

Join me and hundreds of youth leaders in “NEXT”!



What is Next?


PULSE TWIN CITIES – May 18, 2018

Free Event – U.S. Bank Stadium

If you know me, you know that I am very passionate about what happens in the youth ministry world as Church works together to reach and mentor youth for Christ. Especially right my city, the Twin Cities!

So when a big event like Billy Graham Crusade, Luis Palau Festival, Teen Mania, Dare 2 Share, Planet Wisdom, Rock the River, Pulse Twin Cities, or any many other large events that has come to our city for me it is about the event, but too what happens after the event.

For the past 27 years, I have always talked about NEXT. I have had the privilege of working with and leading 100’s of leaders on NEXT.

But this is a new season. A new generation of leaders who have not experience the NEXT of churches working together at this level.

You see, for the past eighteen months, I have served with a team of youth pastors who have been meeting, dreaming, preparing, and planning for Pulse Twin Cities. Now it is here.


Across the country, the Twin Cities has been known youth ministries working together. Once again we get to show the world.

In just the past 14 months, we have seen ministry leaders come together for three Pastors Summits. In these meetings 830, 500, and 650 ministry leaders have been challenged by Nick Hall with a “big vision” for this of season of prayer, unity, and evangelism.

We have heard Senior Pastors, from different denominations and ethnic backgrounds, share their heart for our city. These leaders have stood together on the stage demonstrating and leading our city in Kingdom unity. And together, we have cried out to God for a mighty move of His spirit for our city!

All of this has resulted in the Church of the Twin Cities being focused on the mission of every youth worker (full-time, part-time, or volunteer), that is to reach youth for Christ.
  • 750 partnering churches, senior leaders, and youth ministries engaged in the mission.
  • 750 Churches all mobilizing people to pray and share their faith in coffee shops, workplace, schools and neighborhoods.
  • 750 churches and youth ministries using the same language, messages, and promotional strategy.
  • 10,000’s of God’s people in the Twin Cities praying to fill em’ all 62,200 seats for the event on May 18that U.S. Bank Stadium.
The Big Why is?

  • To see 1000’s of students in our city come to faith and discipled (II Tim. 2:2 model – disciples making disciples).
But what if there was MORE? So much more in our NEXT?

The event will be awesome, with a massive pillow fight, great music, exciting program, full stadium, testimonies for sports personalities, and the powerful message of the Gospel where the Minnesota Vikings play! d But there are 600+ youth workers in the 600+ partnering churches who want more than a “Big Event”, with a massive pillow fight, great music, excitement program, full stadium, and the powerful message of the Gospel where the Minnesota Vikings play!


Think about WHAT IF…(Eph. 3:20)
  • 1000’s Christian students unite and to live on mission to impact their world and their schools (180 high schools in Twin Cities).
  • 10,000’s people pray for and supporting these Christian students at their schools (ie. Christian Booster Club) and our youth ministries
  • 100’s of youth workers connect and continue to collaborate in local networks to reach youth for Christ in their community.
  • 1000’s of adults stepped up to mentor this younger generation in our churches, schools and communities.
Simply put WHAT IF…
  • Students did adults cannot do? They go to school and make Christ the catalyst in their lives and school (lights in the darkness)
  • Adults did what students cannot do? They pray, pour into, and provide the resources for students to impact their friends and schools
  • Youth Workers did they have been called to do? Equip and release young people to go make a difference in the school and world.
I don’t want us, the Church, miss the “MORE” in our NEXT from this incredible and life-changing event.

The “MORE” goes way beyond a what happens May 18th for a few hours in a stadium. But NEXT can build an army of people involved in praying for, reaching and mentoring the next generation. The NEXT can literally impact every school, community, and the world.

We Care about the next generation!

  • What will YOU do in reaching and mentoring next generation in the Twin Cities? After days, months, and for years after May 18th?

Your Call to Action

  • Pray
  • Pour Into
  • Provide Resource

It is time!

Church, let’s seize the Moment!