With over 38 years of experience working with people, I am passionate to see people do more, reach higher, and go further than they ever thought possible, both in their personal and professional life. As an executive coach, trainer, author, and speaker I challenge my clients to grow, change, and develop as a person and in their ability to lead others.

I believe by discovering where a person, team, company or organization they can begin to chart the course to where they want to go. Through this process of determining needs, setting goals, and putting into place a structured and practical plan success an be achieved which matches the desired outcomes.

My personal passion is to have a positive impact, add value, and help people to see what they can become is what lead me to join the John Maxwell Team. Along with my practical experience of organizational and team development, infrastructure, marketing and administration, I also have an MA in Organizational Leadership. I understand the importance of effective communication that leads to success of your team and organization. I am committed to help you reach your personal and professional goals through an intentional plan of development. By working together we can facilitate positive and profitable change, increasing productivity and creating an atmosphere of effective leadership.


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