It Only Takes Someone!

I was watching America’s Got Talent when the Detroit Youth Choir came out on to the stage to perform. After their performance, something extraordinary happens. It was very moving and reiterates my passion, vision, and message I have been sharing for years! 

Terry Crew, the host of America’s Got Talent said, 

“I was one of these kids. Every man and woman on this stage (referring to the Detroit Youth Choir) represents me and where I came from. (With tears in his eyes). I remember sitting looking out my window in Flint, Michigan and dreaming I wanted to make it, I wanted to be here and they are here.” 

Then he said these profound words I want you to think about!

“All it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and you are that man, sir.” Then he hit the “Golden Buzzer.

Check out Terry Crews, the new host of Americas Got Talent was emotionally moved. (skip to the 7:38 mark of this video and then listen to the end.

All it takes is just Someone!

  • Think about when you have just one person who recognizes you. 
  • Think about when you have just one person who sees your potential.
  • Think about when you have just one person who listens to you.
  • Think about when just one person who prays for you.
  • Think about when just one person who takes a risk on you.
  • Think about when just one person who sees your talent.
  • Think about when just one person who believes in you.
  • Think about when just one person who cares about you. 
  • Think about when just one person who ___________________.

It makes all the difference in the world when you know that there is someone who is in your corner. Someone who has an interest in you and reaches out to you.

Someone to encourage, equip, and empower you to pursue your dreams and find passion. Someone who can ignite your faith. Someone to help you find purpose in life. Someone who can help you to align your priorities, manage your time, and activities so that you can reach your potential and be great at you!

We all need someone.

Do you have that someone? Are you that someone? Could you find someone? Could you be that someone? #Ripplestarter – Let’s start some “ripples” by being the someone that someone in your world needs. 


Don’t Go Through Life Alone!

Ever Feel Alone? Well, don’t feel alone because your not the only one!

My friend was relating a story to me the other day. It was at a time when he was in a place were he was not liking his current job and was waiting to be let go. He was really just hoping it would happen so he could move on in his life, career, and get his severance pay.

But one day, in the midst of this life challenge, he decided to go to a McDonalds in Edina, MN. What he observed that day was fascinating to him. 

He saw ten different men all sitting at their booths with their breakfast, coffee, and some were reading the paper. All these men looked like they were retired or around that age range. They were all at MacDonalds because it was either it was their morning routine, or to get out of the house and get some space, or maybe to connect with someone. But, there was not connecting happening that morning with these men.

My friend noticed very little, if any, eye contact with each other. No one was talking. But it was evident that they maybe wanted to. 

Because every now and then one would reach out to a mom and kid walking by or look up and say hello to someone on their way to the bathroom. Nevertheless, the observation was that these men had lost their ability to really connect. They may have been able to in their earlier years did, but it was glaringly clear that they were not now. They either had lost their desire or the ability to so they just sat all by themselves in their booth.

He also shared with me how it seems like in his world he is the one who is always reaching out to even the friends in his world. Often, the conversation is we should get together but when tries to set up a time and a day, any day ends in “Y”, people just don’t have time. I would also say this has often been my experience. Yes we are all busy. People are busy, but are we really so busy that we cannot connect.

I encourage you to connect with someone in your world. They just might need your encouragement, friendship, or someone to tell their story to. Who know that person just might you!

Be a #ripplestarter and take the first step to CONNECT. It just might start with a cup of coffee, but lead to a lifetime relationship.

Why is SYATP so Important This Year?

This year we have the potential to see 752+ youth ministries (partnering churches for Pulse Twin Cities and others) work together to reach youth for Christ in our schools and communities this school year. Together, we can  take SYATP to a new level we have not seen in years, here in the 180 high schools in the Greater Twin Cities and even beyond.
Youth Workers, we don’t minister to youth because of the great prestige of the position, or the great financial package, or even the great hours of the job. No, we do it because of the call of God on our lives in this season of our life and ministry.
Together, we can do this! Let’s not miss this incredible opportunity.
  • SYATP– September 26 at every school flag pole
  • Global Week of Student Prayer– Week of September 23-29

So, What if…

  • Youth workers approach SYATP differently this year?
    • Not just an event to get students to attend, but a launching pad for students from our ministries to connect and together impact their school for Christ (their mission field).
  • SYATP was a connection point for students at all 180 high schools in the Greater Twin Cities Area?
  • Youth workers have a strategy for SYATP?
    • Few ideas for Students in your youth ministry
      • Challenge students from your youth ministry go to their school flag pole on Sept. 26.
      • Identify key student leaders from your youth ministry to connect with key student leaders from other youth ministries at their school.
      • Help student leaders identify the Christian activity at their school and step up to
        • Do something – get involved with other students at their school
        • Say Something – share their faith story with a friend(s)
        • Start Something – at their school
  • Youth workers in a community connect with other youth workers in their city
    • Do something – connect with an existing network of youth workers in your community
    • Start something – start a network of youth workers in your community
      • Have coffee with another youth worker and share vision to connect with youth workers in your community.
    • Youth workers do a rally/gathering after SYATP
      • Youth ministries come together for rally (gathering) after SYTAP in their city
      • Youth ministries worked together to reach youth for Christ in their schools and community.
        • Common vision
        • Strategy
        • Action plans
What if SYATP this year was just the beginning of student leaders praying for their school and their friends. But resulted in students from the 752+ youth ministries connecting to lead on their campus. To lead other students in community at their school (a prayer group, a Bible study, a campus club, their FCA) and even working together to lead a service project or outreach at their school this school year.  
Be the Champion to step up and take the lead in your community!
Be Part of A Greater Vision! (Eph. 3:20)
  • Vision big enough to capture our city
  • Vision simple enough to grasp – about reach youth
  • Vision decentralized enough it can be owned
  • Vision that is relational enough it can actually work

Together, Let’s Do this! 

What If It Could Really Happen?


There are times when you are listening and what you are hearing  just grabs your attention. It might be the topic that is being addressed, or the words of the speaker really resonate with you, to maybe the delivery of the communicator. For the most part I am a pretty good listener. Over the years I have heard and taken notes on literally hundreds of speakers.

It was one of those mornings when what the speaker was saying just captured my attention.

The place was Open Door Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The speaker, Dave Johnson, the lead pastor. He is a man that I have learned to really love and appreciate. He is a gifted communicator who has a unique style and insightful look at passages of scripture that I know and have even preached myself.  But this day, Dave’s message was about the capital “C” Church and the lower case “c” church really grabbed my attention.

For years my heart has been wrapped around the capital “C” church, even though I have been a part of many different lower case “c” churches. I have been blessed to have seen, heard, and experienced a lot in both of those environments.

I have been around the Christian world a longtime. 

  • You see, my dad, a Senior Statesman is 85 years and before my  mom’s passing, they served together in ministry for over 60 years. As a pastor, he worked with other pastors in his community. Now he is older but my dad’s goal has always been to finish well. Well into his eighty’s he was still  active in state leadership of seniors, served as the Chaplin at a care center, and was even asked to preach in churches, and participate in funerals.
  • I am 62 years old and have been a “PK” preachers kid my entire life. Yes, I was raised in a denomination, but have worked with many denominations and independent churches throughout my almost 4 decades in ministry. My involvement in the “C” Church has allowed me to serve as a leader in many Kingdom events and initiatives over the years in the different cities I have served in.

Why, am I prone to ask the “What if” question?

I guess it was because of all that I had experienced in the youth ministry world. Youth pastors in churches are brought on staff to develop programs and disciple (train, equip, and empower) the next generation. That calling lead me, in cities where I served as a youth pastor, to an even bigger “Kingdom” vision of the Church in youth ministry in those communities. A network of youth workers with a common vision, strategy, and taking action to reach the youth in our communities, together.

The word “Synergy” is defined as the whole is greater than a sum total of all the parts. What if we could create “synergy” in youth ministry in the community. After all we were all part of the Kingdom.

So, I began to reached outside of my denominational “box” to engage with other youth workers in my community. Back in the day, we called that “networking”. Why the drive to network and get outside of the “box”?

Because, early in my ministry to youth, God stamped my life with the “Kingdom DNA”. It was like this. One day I was talking to God about the youth ministry God had called me to lead. That morning He impressed on my heart the this profound concept to me, “If you will build my Kingdom, I will build your ministry (youth group).”

That day changed everything in my thinking about my calling. It made me look at my calling differently. I no longer was thinking about being the youth pastor to the kids in our church or those involved in our youth ministry. No, I thought of myself as the “youth pastor” to the youth of my city. But I could not do that alone, so I set out to challenge others to join me, to network together to impact more students in our schools and youth in our city.

Again, Why? Because Satan’s youth group in our city was bigger and all of the “c” churches combined. So, “What if” this “C” Church ministry to youth in our city could happen? What would it even look like?

It was all about the youth in our community. So as I approached other youth workers about focusing on the things that united us and not the things that divided us. It was not about everybody doing the exact same thing, but it was about everyone being on the same team. It wasn’t about the name on the back of the jersey, it was about the name on the front of the jersey. It really was about the “synergy” around the simple yet life-changing message of knowing God in a real and personal way and to bringing Hope to a generation.

That was the passion that drove my mission when I first started in full-time ministry and it is the passion and mission that still drives me today, 38 years later. I want to see people come to faith, learn to to own, live, and share their faith, so will continue to be a Christ follower for a life time.

This is what I discovered. If we, despite our difference (denominations, backgrounds, doctrines, and dogmas) could rallied around four concepts in our communities, we the “C” Church, our collective voice and actions could impact schools in our communities. If we could have a vision:

  • Big enough to capture a city – 750 Churches partnering for Pulse Twin Cities, May 18, 2018
  • Simple enough it could be grasped – Reaching people for Christ!
  • De-centralized enough that it could be owned – Common vision to reach youth in every community at every school.
  • Relational enough that it could actually work – Local Youth Worker Networks

We have a BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), a vision for our city. It is a Ephesians 3:20 goal. Realizing that with God’s power working in us, we could believe God to do exceedingly, abundantly, immeasurably more than we can ask, think, dream, plan, or even imagine. So let’s dream big!

The mission is simply to bring the Church together around the mission to reach young people with the simple, yet life-changing message of the Gospel, the Good News, and Hope for their generation. With the mission in mind, I believed that young youth leaders can and come together in their communities to reach youth for Christ.

So “What if” it could really happen?

  • What could happen with a common vision, a strategy, and a group of committed leaders collectively take action in every city?
  • What if the Church unified to impact our schools?
  • What if students, equipped by their leaders, where to go to America’s Greatest Mission Field with a purpose to reach a friend for Christ?
  • What would be the result in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, communities and cities

If we as individuals in “c” churches part of the “C” Church were to live out Jesus’ prayer in John 17…”That all of them may be one (Church), Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that so that the world may believe that you sent me.” This is the power of a “C” Church – so the world we believe.

There is no question, we “c” churches desire to see transformation in our lives of people in our communities. That is evident, because I hear it all the time we want to have community, so we need to get out of our rows, into circles.

But what if the “C” Church, with great unity, synergy, and all of its resources really desired to see transformation in our community?

Church let’s not just imagine the ‘What if”, let’s do it.

Twin Cities and beyond, we have a tremendous opportunity to be the Church. Together we can go way beyond “What if?”

We have 180 high schools to impact. We have youth workers, teachers, coaches, parents, grand parents, and concerned adults to support (pray for, pour into, and provide resources). There are 1000’s of students who have been or are going to camps, conferences, or on missions trips, who come back and desire live out and share their faith with their friends, school, and world. All they need is support from people like you and me.

Church! Let’s do this!



Will You Be the ONE?

We Can Do This!

We are now almost two weeks past the “big event at U.S. Bank Stadium. Together, youth pastors, youth workers, and youth ministries can all build on the momentum of #PulseTwinCities. Those of us committed to reaching and mentoring the next generation need to “Carpe Diem” this historic opportunity.

Memorial Day for this year is history and summer has started. We are in the middle of the graduation parties season and getting ready for our summer activities: camps, conferences, and mission trips.

You are probably not thinking a lot about your fall strategy, networking with with other youth workers in your community, SYATP, Dare2Share Live, Campus Impact Training or the potential of My Stories or Youth Alive outreach to to schools.

Just think about the impact we could have with 750 churches, youth pastors, youth ministry leadership teams, students, and people in these churches prayer on the 180 Twin Cities High Schools, plus middle and junior high schools in the Greater Twin Cities!

Why does any of this even matter? Because We Care about the Next Generation!

What is your plan to “Seize the Moment” in your church and youth ministry to reach and mentor the next generation?

  • What can you do in your church and youth ministry to build on the momentum of the “Big Event”?
  • How can you have informal and intentional conversations with students on mission trips, at camps, conferences, or just hanging out about living on mission and uniting with other Christian students at their school this fall?
  • How can you continue to challenge and engage people (parents, grandparents, school staffers, concerned adults) in your church to pray for, pour into students, and provided needed resources for the ministry?
  • How can you continue to keep you pastor or senior leadership focused on the mission to reach and mentor the next generation?

Why does any of this even matter? Because We Care about the Next Generation

What does it take to execute the “NEXT” Plan?
  • One Youth Worker in a every community to connect with youth workers in their community
    • Invite youth workers from partnering churches in your community to a meeting at your church or coffee shop in your city.
      • Talk about having a common vision to reach and mentor youth in your city.
      • Talk about your strategy for students in your youth ministries to impact the schools and your community.
      • Take action, together to work your plan to reach youth for Christ in your community.
  • One Student at school to unite students at their school
  • One Prayer for a school and/or youth ministry who will ask others in their circles to for a schools and/or their church’s ministry to youth.
  • One Senior or Lead Pastor who will ask people  to continue to invest in the reaching the Next Generation.
Youth Worker will you be the ONE?
Student Leader will you be the ONE?
Concerned Adult will you be the ONE?
Senior or Lead Pastor will you be the ONE?

We Have Entered a New Season “NEXT!”

IMG_1807 2

The Pulse Twin Cities Event at U.S. Bank Stadium is now history.

It was an exciting night as 40,000 people gathered to hear artist sing and share Jesus. Live interviews and videos from Minnesota Twins and Vikings players, and Olympic athlete. A Guinness World Record was set for the largest pillow fight and after a one-minute nap as Mike Lindell, the creator of “My Pillow” prayed that these 50,000 pillows would be prayer pillows. Then Nick Hall presented the challenge and 7,000 people responded to this challenge of faith and a reset in having a relationship with Jesus.

The Church of the Twin Cities came together pray for this event. 10,000’s of people in this season of evangelism used “Key 5 Cards” to pray for and invite their friends. 1,000’s of people were trained to share Jesus through the “Movement Training” and over 40,000 came to U.S. Bank Stadium for this special night.

But now the event is over and we are on to “Next”. We have entered a new season. There are will be thousands of conversations that will lead to talking about faith. Because of the vision, meetings, planning and now the execution of this stadium event we have entered the new season of “Next”.

IMG_1785 3

So here are some questions that we are going to answer.

  • How can God use this event for “More”!
  • What can and will “Next” look like in your city? Communities? Schools?
  • What can happen when 750 churches have a common vision to reach the next generation after the event?
    • 750 Youth Workers
    • 750 Youth Ministries
    • 750 Youth Ministry Leadership Teams
    • 750 churches with students attending 180 high schools in the Greater Twin Cities.

Church of the Twin Cities! Senior Leaders, youth leaders, moms, dads, school staffers, and concerned adults.

  • Next has begun and students from 750 churches are having conversations about the event.
  • Next will continuing as 10,000’s of students will go to summer camps, take a mission trips, hangout with their youth group and their friends.
  • Next will be fueled as these students begin a the 2018-19 school year, fueled by their experience of the “U.S. Bank Event” and their summer activities, with a desire to take this life-changing message of knowing Jesus to their friends, school, and world.

What can you do?

  • Pray
  • Pour into a young person
  • Provide resources

Join me and hundreds of youth leaders in “NEXT”!



What is Next?


PULSE TWIN CITIES – May 18, 2018

Free Event – U.S. Bank Stadium

If you know me, you know that I am very passionate about what happens in the youth ministry world as Church works together to reach and mentor youth for Christ. Especially right my city, the Twin Cities!

So when a big event like Billy Graham Crusade, Luis Palau Festival, Teen Mania, Dare 2 Share, Planet Wisdom, Rock the River, Pulse Twin Cities, or any many other large events that has come to our city for me it is about the event, but too what happens after the event.

For the past 27 years, I have always talked about NEXT. I have had the privilege of working with and leading 100’s of leaders on NEXT.

But this is a new season. A new generation of leaders who have not experience the NEXT of churches working together at this level.

You see, for the past eighteen months, I have served with a team of youth pastors who have been meeting, dreaming, preparing, and planning for Pulse Twin Cities. Now it is here.


Across the country, the Twin Cities has been known youth ministries working together. Once again we get to show the world.

In just the past 14 months, we have seen ministry leaders come together for three Pastors Summits. In these meetings 830, 500, and 650 ministry leaders have been challenged by Nick Hall with a “big vision” for this of season of prayer, unity, and evangelism.

We have heard Senior Pastors, from different denominations and ethnic backgrounds, share their heart for our city. These leaders have stood together on the stage demonstrating and leading our city in Kingdom unity. And together, we have cried out to God for a mighty move of His spirit for our city!

All of this has resulted in the Church of the Twin Cities being focused on the mission of every youth worker (full-time, part-time, or volunteer), that is to reach youth for Christ.
  • 750 partnering churches, senior leaders, and youth ministries engaged in the mission.
  • 750 Churches all mobilizing people to pray and share their faith in coffee shops, workplace, schools and neighborhoods.
  • 750 churches and youth ministries using the same language, messages, and promotional strategy.
  • 10,000’s of God’s people in the Twin Cities praying to fill em’ all 62,200 seats for the event on May 18that U.S. Bank Stadium.
The Big Why is?

  • To see 1000’s of students in our city come to faith and discipled (II Tim. 2:2 model – disciples making disciples).
But what if there was MORE? So much more in our NEXT?

The event will be awesome, with a massive pillow fight, great music, exciting program, full stadium, testimonies for sports personalities, and the powerful message of the Gospel where the Minnesota Vikings play! d But there are 600+ youth workers in the 600+ partnering churches who want more than a “Big Event”, with a massive pillow fight, great music, excitement program, full stadium, and the powerful message of the Gospel where the Minnesota Vikings play!


Think about WHAT IF…(Eph. 3:20)
  • 1000’s Christian students unite and to live on mission to impact their world and their schools (180 high schools in Twin Cities).
  • 10,000’s people pray for and supporting these Christian students at their schools (ie. Christian Booster Club) and our youth ministries
  • 100’s of youth workers connect and continue to collaborate in local networks to reach youth for Christ in their community.
  • 1000’s of adults stepped up to mentor this younger generation in our churches, schools and communities.
Simply put WHAT IF…
  • Students did adults cannot do? They go to school and make Christ the catalyst in their lives and school (lights in the darkness)
  • Adults did what students cannot do? They pray, pour into, and provide the resources for students to impact their friends and schools
  • Youth Workers did they have been called to do? Equip and release young people to go make a difference in the school and world.
I don’t want us, the Church, miss the “MORE” in our NEXT from this incredible and life-changing event.

The “MORE” goes way beyond a what happens May 18th for a few hours in a stadium. But NEXT can build an army of people involved in praying for, reaching and mentoring the next generation. The NEXT can literally impact every school, community, and the world.

We Care about the next generation!

  • What will YOU do in reaching and mentoring next generation in the Twin Cities? After days, months, and for years after May 18th?

Your Call to Action

  • Pray
  • Pour Into
  • Provide Resource

It is time!

Church, let’s seize the Moment!

What Can You Do?

This generation is in a world of hurt. A school is no longer a safe place. Young people are experienced abuse, hurting themselves and killing themselves and with the many school shootings, they have watched their friends be killed by others.

Our world is a mess! You might not feel like you can do much, but you can do something!

There are four questions this next generation is asking adults:
• Do you really love me?
• Are you really real?
• Can I trust you?
• Does your philosophy of life really work?

So, if you want to impact a teenager, ask yourself these questions:
• Do I really love kids?
• When a teenager looks at me do they see someone who is real?
• Am I a person who can who can be trusted?
• Is my philosophy of life really working for me?

There are many philosophies in the world, but when a young person looks at your life, do they see a person who has built their life on Godly principles?

Jesus tells a very simple, yet profound story about two builders. They both built houses; the difference was the foundation they built on. Jesus says one man used sand and the other built his house on the solid foundation of a rock. What are you building on and how is that working for you?

This generation needs you! They are looking to people who can answer those four simple questions they are asking. Will you be someone who really cares? If so, you can impact the life of a teenager and can make a difference for a lifetime.

#NeverAgain! Students Send Message



That is what this generation is saying to the leadership in our country. These young people have stood up because they saw 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High High in Parkland, Florida High killed. As this week as progressed on every news outlet we again saw the pictures and video of students streaming out of their high school. We have heard the horror stories of students from inside the school. The signs missed by the FBI or even how the perpetrator escaped with other students running out of the school.

In just matter hours after leaving the school, students began to come together. Student leaders stepped up like Jacklyn, a seventeen-year-old who was heading up the students charge to go the Florida State House said, “We are leading the charge for change.” It only took student leaders pulling together, 48 hours to organize a rally with 100’s of students at the Statehouse in Tallahassee, Florida and to get students on a bus to go to the Whitehouse. Wow! You saying that Students did all that in that short amount of time?

There have been many students interviewed, but it was the interview with Alex Wind, one of the organizers who said,

“We need to take a stance. Since we have the limelight on because of this tragedy. We have to seize that opportunity so we can assure there is going to be changed in the future. Now it stops! Never again will this happen in the country or any other country for that matter. We are the future. We are the ones that are going to make the change. You know, If Congress or the state or anyone doesn’t want to do anything, you know what, we’re going to do it.”

That statement reminded me of an event that we had in the 1990’s at River Rush. The in that video it students talked about their generation. But the statement rang in my ear was a message sent to the Church and to youth leaders. It was simply this, “If you don’t lead, we will.” That is the same tone that is coming out of Parkland students.


In the spring of 2008, Allies had an outreach event called, GO M.A.D. (Go Make A Difference) at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota. The speaker was a young man named Ben Strong. He was the student leader (preacher’s kid) of the prayer group at his school a student shot into their group on December 1, 1997, where he killed three young ladies and injured another 5 students. At the event, he shared his story with 3500 students and challenged 3500 students to Go Make A Difference in their school and world.

You would think that after a series of school shootings that there would be change. But we all have etched into our memory April 20, 1990, the pictures of Columbine Massacre. The minds behind this school shooting were, two seniors, who killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and injured 21 others, and even shot 3 more as they attempted to escape for school. You would have thought just maybe enough was enough.

But do you realize the 21st Century student has lived in what is called the “Columbine Generation”? It is estimated that there have been over 200 school shootings since that day. Do you remember what we used to fear and have drills for? Well, today’s students it isn’t the fear of polio or fear of a nuclear attack. It is the fear of dying from a shot of a rifle.


We saw students running out of school and jumping out of windows. There were many stories that came out of yet another school shooting. Many were very sad and greatly affected many families forever. But one of those stories, of Rachel Scott, the first young lady shot outside of the school talking to a fellow classmate who just wanted to talk about his life. Her story has impacted, inspired, and challenged the lives of millions. Through her writings, a school assembly program called, “Rachel’s Promise” and the movie, that was in movie theaters last year called, “I’m Not Ashamed”.

If you have followed my writings, you understand that for years I have been saying, “America’s Greatest Mission Field is the middle, junior, and senior high schools.” Now the mission field is not just a school, but has become a “War Zone”! Both in the natural and the spiritual.

I have been in the youth ministry world for a very long time. Honestly, I have truly seen a lot of stuff happen in society and in the church. As you know and understand, in both areas of life there have been enormous changes.

When the students organize to get to the state capitol and the Whitehouse to bring their concerns and to say, #NeverAgain. Because of what has happened and a few students leaders who stepped up, I believe that we are going to see change. This really came to a head and there has to be a change.

So, here is my question to the Church and leadership in our churches!

Do we too need to make some changes? Just how seriously have we take the youth in our church. For the most part, I have observed youth in church leadership as an insider, pastoral positions, and as a leader in the church as an outside leader without the title. I have seen and experienced a lot over my the past six decades in the Church world.

The older I have become the more I have seen just how important the younger generation is to a church. For my entire ministry life (four decades) I have been involved in ministry to youth. It is not just something that I have done, but it has been my passion. I love to see young people develop in all areas of their lives and grow up to be great leaders.

I remember the very first video that I made for Allies Ministries, in 1990, We decided to shoot it outside of the high school that I graduated at Anoka. As I sat by the Anoka High School sign, I said something like this, “This is my high school. I graduated from here in 1974. And this is America’s Greatest Mission Field. I walked these hallways, just like you did in your school. Just like every CEO, salesperson, athlete, CEO, lawyer, pastor, mayors, school teacher, administrator, every person who sits in a boardroom, is a representative in a city office, state house, congressperson, senators, or even the President of the United States.”

Just think if we in the Church really believed this what could happen!

  • Students – go to school and make Christ the catalyst in their lives and schools.
  • Adults – pray for, pour into, and provide the needed resources
  • Youth Workers – equip and release student to go into their world and make a difference

Young people are making a difference. Every day thousands of students are making a difference as they tell their story of faith to people in their world. They are the Church’s  missionaries on America’s Great Mission Field. Let’s pray for, pour into them, and support them as they make their mark in their world and the Church.


May 18th is Just the Beginning!

This week, for the third time in a year, 600 ministry leaders, from 250 churches, in the Greater Twin Cities came together to focus on the mission to reach youth.


Too, one of the worst school shootings in American history again has grabbed the headlines, despite the incredible stories of the young accomplished Olympic athletes competing in Pyeongchang, South Korea.




Throughout my ministry, I have been challenging people that America’s greatest mission field is the middle, junior, and senior highs schools. But, now they have become war zones with images of SWAT Teams rushing in and students with hands raised running out for safety.


So Dan, what is the big deal about leaders and churches in a city coming together for another meeting? I guess it is because we believe that there is still hope for this bruised, battered, and broken generation. Those of us in ministry to youth are going to try to do something about it.


Do you remember the 90,000 plus for Youth Night at the Greater Twin Cities Billy Graham Crusade? When every seat filled in the Metrodome and thousands outside watching on the jumbotron? What about over 200,000, for the three days Luis Palu Twin Cities Festival at the State Capitol? Or over 20,000 young people at Harriet Island for Rock the River? Well, this is one of those moments in time and we, the Church need to seize the moment.


That was then and this is now. Now is the time to reach the next generation and the Church is coming together, don’t miss this one.


So what could happen if we, the Church of Twin Cities, churches in communities, leaders, and pray-ers (people who pray) focused on giving the next generation JESUS? Well, my friend, that is what is happening and it’s a big deal!


What just happen in the Twin Cities with all the concerts, parties and events, and at U.S. Bank Stadium with all the hype around a half-time show, and football game, are now just memories.


But what we, envision at U.S. Bank Stadium May 18, 2018, is coming and will be life-changing.




To my friends in ministry to youth, senior leaders, those who have prayed for the next generation for years I have a message for you.


To my younger youth worker friends. We don’t get an opportunity like this very often. Just think about it, senior leaders and everyone else are talking about our mission. Don’t miss this opportunity for your ministry and for our city!


You see, to reach, disciple, and mentor the next generation is something that we talk about. But through my forty-plus years of ministry experience to youth, it is often been just that, talk.


I understand that there are a lot of other things that we need to do like raise money to build to builds, send missionaries to foreign countries, and reach all people with the programming in our church. Honestly, I get that. As a preacher’s kid, I have been around the church all my life.


But when we talk about this mission, we literally are addressing future of the Church and the investment in young people who will lead in our homes, communities, churches, boardrooms, and nation.


Just watch a little of the Olympics. You will see just how enamored the media is with telling stories about the progression the athletes. Why? because these stories of young athletes capture our attention and inspire us.


Friends, it is the same in the Church, young people are what brings life to your church and inspire us all in the mission to reach our world for the cause of Christ.


I remember when the media started the countdown to the Super Bowl LII, but now it is over. All we have are the memories and the pictures to remind us of those days that highlighted the “Bold North” created an atmosphere that showed off this region of the country that was displayed for the world to see.


That was a moment in time. The countdown is on for May 18, and way beyond. Matter of fact is there are now just 90 days before young people at Pulse Twin Cities will fill U.S. Bank Stadium.


The world has seen the Bank filled with fans to watch a half-time show and a football game. But now it is over and we are looking to “Fill em all” with people who bring their friends to hear music, speakers, and an invite to respond to the simple, yet the life-changing message of Jesus.


Allies, along with 400 ministries are asking you to engage. Did you know this generation has never experienced a revival? We are asking you to pray, pour into the next generation, and provide the resources needed for not just the event, follow-up, but the follow-through to harness this the energy and the synergy that is being created. Bringing it back to impact our communities, campuses (schools), churches, and our homes. Not just for a season, but for a lifetime.


I want to invite you to be part of what God is about to do in our city and bring hope and healing to a battered and broken generation.


  • Just think what can happen when people like you pray for a generation?
  • Just think of what can happen when people like you pour into a generation?
  • Just think what can happen when people like you provide for a generation?

Could You Imagine31,100 believing students bringing 31,100 of their non-believing friends to listen to music, hear testimonies and a message that can literally change their life!

Just Read Ephesians 3:20 – and dream with us!

This is a really big deal! Church, we can do this!

That is May 18, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium!